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Working PopUp Volume/Mute for FD

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  • Working PopUp Volume/Mute for FD

    I have just replaced my Carputer and the old one has gone into the wife’s car, the old one was not powerful enough to run FreeDrive and RoadRuner so the wife has now got just a barebones FreeDrive system. One complaint she has is that she can’t change the volume or mute the sound.

    Well this has been bugging me and so has the wife so I spent some time yesterday finding a solution.

    First the screen shot of the popup volume control

    I had a look at some yahoo widgets but they were all too small or transparent to see on the 7” screen in the car.

    I found SkinnyMixer which you can SKIN, so I did a skin to match the Rusty FD1 skin I am using.

    Problem with SkinnyMixer is it is all controlled from the system tray

    So I did a small 2 line AutoIT script to bring the SkinnyMixer window forward.

    And used Alt-tabber to place a transparent button over the next instruction text, which runs the AutoIt .exe that brings the volume control in front of FreeDrive

    You can get info in AltTabber

    So in short touch the next instruction pane and the skinned volume control pops up do what you want with the volume and/or mute, touch anywhere on your FreeDrive skin and the volume skin disappears.

    Now the wife can have a popup volume/mute control that is large enough to use when driving, that appears to be just part of FreeDrive.

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    Thats fantasic m8.. congrates on a great solution .. and a nice looking skin :-)

    Is it finished yet ? I will host it if you want in the skins section


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      The Rusty FD1 skin is already in the skin section but limited to a few pix so I put a copy in the mp3car freedrive skin forum,
      with all the screen shots and links to the fonts I used for the mode icons and the GPS graph aswell as all the skin files.
      I have not posted the files for the volume/mute.

      Found a problem yesterday with testing the volume/mute in the car

      On the home PC the volume is happy to stay in front of FD till you bring FD back to the front but in the car the volume/mute comes to the front but very quickly FD jumps forward. Just trying to see what is diffrent


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        Ahh worked it out, it was the order the 3 apps were starting, FreeDrive has to be started last. Just did a script and put it in startup, so they auto start but in the correct order.

        Have to solve one more problem. AltTabber is good but it always will sit on top of you screens so in my case placing the transparent AltTabber button over the next maneuver pane means that it is also over the OSK in the address skins, will just have to work out a better place tp put it.

        CDR if we could run an external command this would help. Next version maybe