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Is this possible to do in frrdrive?

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  • Is this possible to do in frrdrive?

    Is ther a way that a butten can navigate you to the nearest gas/petrol station?

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    I'm affraid it's not possible. I ran into the same problem couple of weeks ago when I was working on my MMI Skin. But maybe I'm wrong and somebody can correct me.

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      I will have a think about this, as I agree it would be a great idea.

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        On one of my last trips I was thinking that it would be cool if you could select say 2 POI types. EG 1) Petrol stations. 2) Fast Food. I will call these OTW points for “On The Way”

        You set you final trip destination as usual but a label shows the time/dist to the next OTW point.

        One problem I had with this thinking was you normally want to only see OTW points that are on your route and in front of you. Not the last fastfood outlet you have just passed or the one 2km off the highway

        Just a thought