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Just Switched To Freedrive... A Few Questions

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  • Just Switched To Freedrive... A Few Questions

    Hi everyone,

    i used to use Map monkey but now im giving freedrive a try, because its pretier... however i have a few questions about it.

    First off, in Map Monkey you can Mute the voice prompts if you want to, but i cant find a button to do this in Freedrive, is there one? or is there a way of doing it?

    Next, with speed cameras does it only warn you once when your approacing them? you could tell map monkey to give the first warning at one distance, then a further warning when your up close to them. Does free drive do this? i drove past a speed camera and it only said it once.

    im sure there was something else but i think ive forgot... lol.
    I did have a search but i couldnt find anything.

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    anyone? especially the muting voice prompts?


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      sorry missed this post..

      at the moment you cant mute the voices.. will add it to the next version :-)

      the speed cams warn once on approach, then only warn if you go over the speed limit after this.. going mad and lowering the volume if your 100 meters away I think and still speeding.. so they adapt to the distance and speed.

      You remembered what the other thing was yet ?

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        muting her voice would be amazing if you can add this, its a really good feature for when you know your away around certain part of your journeys and shes talkin 3 times within 500 yards... lol.
        Do you know when the next version will be? by next version do you mean next update?

        Also i may have found something strange with the speed camera's. basically theres only one by me so i drove out to it, drove past it, then turned up a junction, turned around and went back the other way, but it didnt warn me about it. Is this by design? because i havnt gone far enough away from it?

        or for example will it always do it, if i pull out from a junction onto a road with a speed camera which is less than the trigger distance away from the camera? (if that makes sense).