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    first of all i'm sorry cos you all do terrific work here and the only time people like me post is when theres something wrong.

    So having said that i've got a problem, when i use FD to take me some where (doesn't matter if i do it manually or from favorites) it plans the route fine, gets the location fine, then you set of and after a bit of time the route changes. it decides its going to take me to some where else but always the same somewhere else.

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    A little update on this I have FD on a laptop at home and when you enter a route it comes up fine with the address in the box at the bottom of the screen but i don't have a GPS reciever pluged in to the laptop. In the car i enter an address and the distance and time is correct but it immediately comes up with an address in littlehampton in the box at the bottom of the screen then when you set of it will change from routing you to the address you entered to this other address.


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      has nobody got any ideas on this?


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        I think I may have sorted it I've only tested it to work and back but it worked fine after lots of searching I found an idea to the solution in the map monkey section of all places.