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Route not beeing calculated and City-List not working

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  • Route not beeing calculated and City-List not working


    Freedrive is very cool! The best navigating software for the carpc so far.

    But I have two problems:

    First problem:
    FreeDrive (and MapMonkey too!) stoped to calculate the route. I enter an addess or choose one of my favourites, but nothing happens. No blue route-line appears, no "drive carefully", just nothing changes. My location is updated perfectly so the gps and the map seems to work. But calculating the route fails with no error message. Help!

    Second problem:
    I normaly use the Map "Alps". Everything is fine, but when I want to enter the name of a city or street, the list of cities or streets only gets updatet till the 3rd or 4th letter. No matter how many letters I type and write the whole name of the city in the field, the list won't jump to the city and highlight it. It just stays on the first city or street that matched the first three letters. On some names the selecting works till the 4th or 5th letter, but most of the time only till the 3rd letter.
    I noticed that this problem seems not to apear in the map "Switzerland" (which I don't want to use...)

    BTW: Did someone find a way to use the new 2006 Destinator maps? MapMonkey refuses to start if I select one of these.

    Thanks a lot!

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      Thanks mauri! I already red this thread some time ago. So no chance to make 2005 maps work right now..

      I would be enough to make me happy if FreeDrive would start to navigate again.


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        Does anybody ever had simmilar problems?

        No route calculated?
        Not jumping to the cities in the list while entering letters?

        I thought route-problem got solved some time ago... didn't find it on the forum.


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          I found out that the routing-problem this has something to with the version of the map...

          I got now an old version of "Switzerland", which works perfectly for calculating the route and searching cities and streets via the OSK,
          a old "Alps"-map, which has the two bugs and
          a new "Alps"-map, which brings Freedrive to crash at startup.