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Can FreeDrive be embedded into Frodoplayer ?

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  • Can FreeDrive be embedded into Frodoplayer ?

    To get Freedrive to work with Frodoplayer you need to use a wrapper which Frodo made. Here are his instructions

    This is how it works.
    Take these files, put them in your freedrive directory.
    Verify in FDWrapper.ini that the path to FreeDrive.exe is correct.

    In the FrodoPlayer directory, open FrodoPlayer.ini.
    At the bottom under [GPSDEFAULTPATHS],
    change the DEST3 line to equal:

    DEST3=C:\Program Files\FreeDrive\FDWrapper.exe
    (or wherever it is)

    Then in FrodoPlayer settings 2, choose the Ninja Monkey option.
    Make sure "Use External GPS Application" is NOT checked.

    You're good to go.

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    Note: The next FP version will have native support.
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      I use this wrapper and it works very well, I have only one comment against it - to move forward a track I have to hide FreeDrive and go back in to Frodo tap next track and return to FreeDrive through the menu and GPS button - I can't seem to find a way to get a next track button on the the top bar.

      Am I missing something or do I have to wait until the next version of Frodo?

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        Trying to use it in mediacruiser.. Not yet successful, working on it. Needs a window name to maximise and minimise, tried FDWrapper + Freedrive.. no workee.. Still investigating

        May yet switch to FP Just need to use the thinnest possible front end.. as PC is low powered..
        Originally Posted by feral
        And for some other name's, how about


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          Try the new FD1.0, things have changed slightly.. use name FreeDrive and see how you go
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            can i get FD to work with microsoft S&T 2006??/


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              Originally posted by nyctitan
              can i get FD to work with microsoft S&T 2006??/
              You need to read the manual and/or the FAQs before asking stupid questions.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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                I can't get this to work properly with FD1.0
                Frodo launches the wrapper, and the wrapper launches FD, but it doesnt embedd properly. The wrapper gets black, and shows nothing.

                FD works good when used alone...
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