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1.93 withdrawn

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  • 1.93 withdrawn

    Due to a couple of problems I have had to withdraw 1.93. I do not have the time to correct the issues. 1.92 is still available for download.

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    Aww darn, I didn't even get to test it out.

    Any chance you will release the source code in the future? Those of us with programming backgrounds can maybe help out?


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      Was looking forward to trying 1.93 as well ... oh well, will have to get coding one myself I suppose.


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        doh! I was looking foward to the bugfixes in the "Upload Only" function from 1.92.

        Well anyways, thanks for doing what you've been doing, and hope your able to find the proper time soon to make the necessary modifications to make it stable (atleast I believe i was the only ginnie pig(sp?) in 1.93). If by any chance (I hope not) you plan on quiting this permanently, would you please be kind enough and release the src code for us to further enhance?

        Ps. for those of u emailing me for a 1.93 copy, i will not distribute it and have deleted it myself so no one else gets hit with the problems that exist.


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          I'm hoping to find the time to work on it eventually.

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            Hope so one day, was about to start testing it with the latest version.


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              I was one of the few that got 1.93 (and I will not send it to people as ric does not want it release). I only use two way transfer, so I don't believe any of the bugs affect me. I would like to continue to use 1.93, however, for the shutdown after sync feature, but when I check the action after sync box nothing happens. The .ini files on your new website don't look like mine; I didn't have many of the fields listed on the site, in fact the only new field was WirelessSync. I tried adding "ActionAfterSync=shutdown" as the last entry in the config section of the file, but it has not made any difference.

              Ric, I know you aren't supporting this version, but would you mind telling me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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                I guess that's a no
                My 2002 F250 Install


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                  Originally posted by donde
                  I guess that's a no
                  I recommend you don't use version 1.93.
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                    ahhh man...Im assuming that version 1.92 doesnt sync with other harddrives...I just got my external harddrive and was about to test it...Guess I will have to wait till ric fixes the bugs...BTW great software man...
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