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  • Possible problem...

    Just wanted to highlight a potential problem - not sure if it's been covered.

    My external drive, connected to my desktop pc, died on me this week taking all my music & movies with it, which just made my week! It was still being recognized by XP but it was reporting no files or folders and 100% free space (how often does that happen? All other drives seem to say 99% free after windows formatting - anyway)
    I discovered that when EZSync tried to sync the audio folders, it just assumed that they no longer exists on that share and so deleted all the files in those folders on the car pc, it left the directory structure in place. I was hoping that the car pc would be sufficient for a backup!

    So I lost the files from both.

    I've since managed to recover all the files from my carpc after scanning disk with "Recover It All" and I'm assuming that EZSync just removed entries from file system cos it was a very quick delete, faster than I could press exit.

    Just wanted to highlight this. That said, that's the only problem I've ever had using EZSync and it wasn't really the progs fault.

    Are there any safeguards that could be put in place to prevent this kind of thing from happening?
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    I presume you are using mirror server - otherwise the client side won't delete any files. So one safeguard is to use cumulative sync only (until such time as any software changes are made).

    I'm not sure exactly what safeguards I could put in place - suggestions are welcome.
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