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EZSync wont connect to a PC...

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  • EZSync wont connect to a PC...

    hey Ric, nice software by the way works great. I am having a problem with my carpc and I have posted on other forums for software assistance as I think it may be my XP SP1 having the issue but not sure.

    I loaded this on my home pc and my notebook and everything is flawless, I loaded on my car pc (away from home) and used my notebook to connect... only problem is the "server" side (laptop) said it was an unrecognized pc or something similar unknown user etc (was a week ago).

    I will let you know exactly what it said tomorrow maybe.
    I can "see" my carpc (client) and connect to it over my network even ping it, but the software doesnt wanna connect.

    As I have told other support forums, I just noticed I dont have access to my 'Wireless networks' tab in my "network config properties" menu, and I have had problems in the past getting shared folders to work properly on the network. So I think it is software related perhaps even my USB wifi dongle software causing the problem, but how does your software cause this error?

    Could this be a bad port or a blocked port? Why would XP pro refuse the software? Is my username file bad perhaps? I reversed the client and server but still no luck.
    I didnt want to have to reinstall XP but I will if I cant figure out this error as I NEED this software. I am so excited to have found it now I cant even use it :P

    Thanks for any info you might have on this.

    My missing wireless networks tab...
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    If you used your laptop to connect to your car, did you use some sort of ad-hoc networking? I've never tried it this way and suspect this could be the root cause of the problem - you might not even be assigned an IP address if there's no router in between the two PCs.

    This would also explain why the wireless network tabs are not accessible.

    I'm only guessing though.
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      sorry, I didnt explain that right... I actually connected to the pc with the notebook over my network with one AP. notebook was carputer was

      I still forgot to get that screen shot for you, but I will.
      I posted a question about that missing tab on a technical windows related forum - they thought perhaps it was a windows issue where the network card wasnt fully recognized by windows as a "Wireless" card. That is kinda what I had thought but didnt know for sure. It is a cheap ebay card so never know. I am going to purchase a powered rj-45 wifi device later on, I think they are netgear - walmart use to carry them.

      I dont know off hand what ports windows uses but I would assume since all 3 of the machines I tested (on the same network) are all the same O/S, then all should be equally responsive with your program.
      If I had a 200ft cat5/6 cable, I could wire the PC direct and check the ezsync software. I might have to remove the pc from the car and check it that way - I was just assuming you may know what the error meant off hand.

      Thanks for the response though!


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        Sorry it took me so long, havent had access to the car.

        here is a screen shot of the server side.
        Does the protocol refer to the PC software or the sync program?
        This is most likely something simple, but I wont rule out my wifi usb dongle.
        Thanks for the feedback!

        Edit: Actually now that I know exactly what the error says on server log, I searched this forum and found a couple posts referring to it... I will try to delete my info1 and info2 dat files and try again. But anything else you want to add is welcome too
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          Yeah, that seems to be what it was, perhaps the password/login script is case sensitive?

          I tried a few times on both laptop and carpc with no luck... then I changed my passwords to just '1' and password '1' for testing and it worked perfectly.
          I assume I had used lowercase login name on one pc and caps on the next.

          Anyway, thanks so much for the wonderful program!!


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            Originally posted by nwaimports View Post
            Yeah, that seems to be what it was, perhaps the password/login script is case sensitive?
            It is case sensitive. Glad you got it working.
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