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What is GPSSecure? + Documentation

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  • What is GPSSecure? + Documentation

    What is GPSSecure?
    GPSSecure is a car tracking application that uses your GPS receiver to track the position of your car at all times. GPSSecure is built up into several different parts. There is the Car Client, the almost extinct Desktop Client, the Web Client, and the server.
    Car Client: The car client runs in the system tray of your carputer, continually logging the position of your car at a specified interval. This log file is then uploaded to a server I have created, using your specified username/password, also at a specified interval. There is also a mode that if set up in settings will enable Live Tracking if you have a constant connection to the internet. The Live and Logged systems run on two different servers and are independent of each other. The car client can also grab the required GPS information from MapMonkey.
    Web Client: By visiting the online web client you can log in using your username/password. Once logged in you can look up any single position that was uploaded to the server from any day or time. You have the option of viewing your position, speed, distance from last log, and direction for any logged time during the day. With this you can display your position on one of several different map services including: TerraServer, MapQuest, or Google. With the Google maps there are two different viewing options, Logged or Live. With the logged view it will show a marker on the map and move you around on the map at a specified speed pulling the information from the selected day's logs. The live view will of course show your cars position live.
    Desktop Client: This does the same thing as the web client except it doesn't have either of the Google services and it runs on your Windows machine so it will be faster than the Web Client.

    That is just a basic overview of what GPSSecure can do. There are many other features that I haven't mentioned and there will be many more to come.

    Why is it called GPSSecure?
    The original idea behind the software was to enable you to know where your car is at any time in the case that it was stolen. It was then expanded to be a general car tracking system.

    What do I need to run GPSSecure?
    1. A computer in your car with a GPS receiver that supports the NMEA protocol (don't worry if you aren't familiar with this because almost all GPS receivers these days support this).
    2. The .NET Framework (Most people with Windows XP have this). Download it here:
    3. Some way of connecting to the internet, whether it be a constant connection to the internet or a once a week connection to the internet. More information on this below.
    4. If you are running other GPS software (not including MapMonkey) at the same time, you will need a COM port splitter. More info on this below.
    What are some of the ways I can connect to the internet in my car?
    1. Use a pcmcia card or cell phone with your cell phone company, for a constant connection to the internet. I use the LG PM325 phone with Bluetooth capability. This way I don't have to even pull my phone out of my pocket and I will constantly be connected to the internet. I use this phone with Sprint Vision.
    2. GPRS Look here for more info on this:
    3. Use a wireless network card to connect to access points.
    What COM port splitters could I possibly use?
    1. Xport - Made by our own forum member, Curiosity.
    2. Serial Splitter
    3. Shared Serial Ports
    4. GPS Gate
    5. Delorme Splitter

    How do I use FreeDrive with GPSSecure?
    -Go to your FreeDrive directory and open up sdk.ini
    -Near the bottom you need to add GPSSecure after some of the values as shown below:

    If you want you can just copy that section into your sdk.ini file. If you have RoadRunner or another piece of software that uses FreeDrive then you can add GPSSecure to the end like this:

    Also you will need to go to the skins folder of FreeDrive, go to the skin you a re using and open skin.ini. Then change headingindeg=1 to headingindeg=0.
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

    -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
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