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Completed Requests and Features

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  • Completed Requests and Features

    Here I will list all of the features of GPSSecure. As I update the software I will add these updates to the list with version numbers.

    -Added zoom tool to MapQuest maps on Web Client
    -Indicator on the web client that says if the person is online with the live service.

    Version 0.8.0 - May 17, 2005
    -Added AutoUpdater

    Features List:
    In no particular order.
    -Display in real time your Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Direction, Speed, Distance.
    -Pull GPS information directly from receiver or from MapMonkey
    -Show if you have a fix and the strength.
    -Show satellite positions.
    -Autoconnect on start up
    -Prompt for username/password on startup
    -Automatically start on windows boot
    -Start minimized
    -Specify Logging frequency in 15 second intervals
    -Specify frequency to upload logs to server in 15 second intervals
    -Email logs via SMTP at specified interval
    -Live tracking with a refresh rate of 5 seconds or more
    -Autoconnect using your dial up connection or GPRS connection
    -Display your position using MapQuest and Terraserver maps inside car client.
    -Large range of supported COM ports and Baud rates
    -View all of your logs using your username/password online
    -display logs in several forms online
    -Watch your cars movement online.
    -Many more I didn't mention.
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

    -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
    -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.