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  • GPSS: Minimized view

    Here are a few screenshots of the new minimized view that you can choose to enabled/disabled. This will allow you to set the size, drag to any location on the screen and set the transparancy level to whatever you want. All statuses follow these three colors:
    Green - Last attempt succeeded
    Yellow - This feature is either disabled or pending a status of either green or red
    Red - Last attempt failed

    The screenshots:
    This shows the minimized view with a transparency of 50%.
    G - GPS/Map Monkey/FreeDrive status
    L - Live tracking status
    S - Server log upload
    O - Position Logging

    Same thing as the last one except this time the GPS connection is turned on and it has a fix of one bar (red in this case means too great).

    Whenever you click the small status bar it will expand and the transparency will be turned off.
    MAX - will maximize the window
    GPS - toggles GPS/Map Monkey/Freedrive and show status
    LIVE - toggles the live tracking and shows its status
    S. UP - toggles the server log upload and shows its status
    LOG - toggles the logging and shows its status
    Here you can click any of the buttons to toggle them on/off. Some of them won't go directly to red/green and may stay at yellow for a bit if because they are pending the new status (if your set to log your position every 15 seconds then it won't turn colors until it has attempted to log your position).

    Basically the same except I'm showing that it failed to upload the log.
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

    -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
    -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.