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live tracking fails after 10 seconds? whats goin on

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  • live tracking fails after 10 seconds? whats goin on

    I just downloaded this program and its lookin good! I'm wondering about live tracking though. Seems like 10 seconds after it connects to my gps the live tracking light goes from working to failed. Why is this? Do i have an old server or something? Its uploading correctly and i can track the log from the website but i wanna get live tracking working since i'll have full time internet in the car soon.

    BTW i also have that funky font problem but as mentioned before.. not really a big deal. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    The live tracking system doesn't work for gpssecure anymore . I did have access to a mysql database system and was using that for the live tracking. Then I switched servers and didn't have access to one anymore. I never went about switching it to mssql like the rest of the system uses but got started on this newer tracking application. (there are a few people beta testing it right now).
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      Would you be interested in setting it up to work on another server? Mobile-Effects has a mysql database. I always supported your project (and love it), and would have no problem hosting your database.

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