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BT echo, no good. USB connection?

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  • BT echo, no good. USB connection?

    is it possible to use the SonyEricsson K750i USB cable directly to the Computer(and using the car speakers and mic as handsfree) instead of using Bluetooth like i do now? people calling me are complaining about echo all the time!

    in case, how is it done with USB? just uninstall the bluetooth software and run the phoco configurator wizard again??

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    i would some for someone to tell me how they are using any phone with a car pc, i cant get rid of my echo at all..


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      some people have suggested skype certified soundcards that reduce echo. others have wired in a switch to manually turn the mic on when they want to talk and off when the other person talks.

      you could try something like this.
      or these.

      i am looking for a solution as well so if you find something that works, please post.
      my car: 2003 g35 coupe, 2.5ghz c2d cpu, gigabyte micro atx mb, dsatx
      wife's car: 2004 honda accord coupe 2.4ghz p4 cpu, asus micro atx mb, opus 150
      company car: 2006 chevy avalanche 2.0ghz p4 laptop, cnx p1900


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        I decided to mount a webcam and I got a bonus! I found that the Logitech UltraVision has echo cancellation and a noise filter that works well with bluetooth and gets rid of all echo and cleans up the audio. You must use the mic that is built into the webcam. I mounted mine permanently in the car and now use it for voice recognition and bluetooth phone.