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  • phone intergration

    I have carried a laptop in my work van for some time and have long planned to fully install it. My first step was to try various front ends with the most important being phone intergartion. I have tryed phoco but was unable to install it as it requires net 1.1 and does not recognize net 3.4?. I then tried it through flux but it failed to be able to install software on my pocket pc 6.
    telling me to visit phone this seems to have disappeared up its own back freephone this looks promising but I jusy cannot get it to link with a serial port. I had hoped to do it via a usb lead as this keeps the phone charged. I feel that I have failed a the first hurdle. Is phone control just to near the cutting edge. My last hope is to keep using a bluetooth headset and install mobiler to see the pda. This is going to be no good as we need something to intergrate into a font end.