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  • Incompatible phones

    Hey guys,

    if you have tried to get PhoneControl working with your mobile phone and you figured out that this is a big "no no", then please drop a message in here. So others don't have the need to search the forum.

    If you do so, please be as specific as you can to describe where the problem is. Enter at least:
    • Vendor
    • Model
    • Firmware revision number
    • A short description of the problem
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    A blackberry 7280
    cannot use an external dialer.
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      Vendor: Motorola
      Model: T720/T721
      Firmware (latest): G_05.08.90R

      Can retrieve contacts and thats about it... It doesn't recognize when someone is calling in, it is unable to place calls, and it gets an error sending SMS messages...
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        Probably want to add motorolla v series v500/v600 phones, only partially functional, you can get contacts and thats it... Unless someone figured out a way to do it.


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          Well Most likely u can add NOKIA 6600 and 7610 too in this list of incompatible phone.
          Dosent show recieving of SMS nor does these phone connect to blue thook on the SERIAL PROFILE or eadset profife. ;( "" Till Our friend Mr Zorro works on them for OUR HAPPINESS ""

          But still its a great piece of software
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