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Searched and Tried everything Reverting for help....

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  • Searched and Tried everything Reverting for help....

    I have tried EVERYTHING.....gone through ALL the threads and tried everything on the Phone Control I am reverting to you guys for help...

    I have a Moto V600 Phone. I have a Kensington Bluetooth Adaptor and a FRESH install of Windows XP with SP2.

    I have done the Widomm 3.0 Install per a post here and my phone connects with the PC perfectly I can recieve calls and make calls and use the PC as a headset.

    Now I install PhoneControl and check my dialup networking for the correct COM port and put that Com Port into Phone Control. The first time I start Phone COntrol it tells me that "Communication timeout! Please make sure, that port isn't in use!" I can't see that anything else is in use by that COM port. Then each time after that Phone Control will start but doesn't connect to anything....Just opens and I am not able to do anything.

    I am attaching a copy of my LOG file to see if anyone could help I have tried as much as I can think of....Please help.....
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    Sure your phone is on COM4 as it says ?
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      Yeah I followed the instructions in zorro's website to find the com using the dial up networking and that is what it says. So I set up Phone COntrol with that COM and made sure that is what was put in the Phonectrl.config file.


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        Sometimes the operators disable the Dial-Up feature for some reason. You may check that.
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          I tried disabling the Dial up feature and that didn't work either. How are some of you getting the Motorolla V600 working..........


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            i know this thread is kinda dead, but after i installed widcomm4 (didnt try before hand) i installed phonecontrol and right away everything works....except for some reason the motorola wont let you use computer as a modem and a headset, so i can make calls with phone control, but not talk through the computer.

            One note, if i click sms, then press cancel i get an error...

   v300 works great with phone control too...just uses the cable instead of bluetooth of course
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