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V710 + PhoneControl

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  • V710 + PhoneControl

    Hey, so i got the V710 w/ Phonecontrol semi-working, not really though. I have it connected via Bluetooth with my Verizon Wireless Mobile software, and it displays my battery life and signal strength, but when I connect w/ Phoco, it connects, but then my phone connects and then disconnects, and connects and disconects again. Anyone had this problem before? When I connect to the internet via BT, it doesn't work! HELP!!

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    i've had an im conversation with zorro and he was pretty much useless when it came to helping me. he's in germany where they don't have cdma, and he wasn't really keen on helping me figure it out. in theory phonecontrol should work, i have the superdave firmware upgrade that unlocks a lot of bluetooth features on it, but zorro was thin on patience that day or something because he wouldn't help me with my questions. i can get mobile phonetools to transfer contacts and sync via bluetooth, but i don't think the v710 works with phonecontrol. if anyone knows otherwise let me know.

    and he's a moderator or has close ties to them...hence the IQ < 70 comment.


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      Originally posted by dim-8
      and he's a moderator or has close ties to them...hence the IQ < 70 comment. time you maybe think before you call someone "****face"
      Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!


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        [H]4 Life
        My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
        It will be done sometime in the next generation.
        I'm a lesbian too.
        I am for hire!


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          LOL.. Hmm.. OK??


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            i was asking him questions to see how phonecontrol worked and ****face basically told me to uninstall his software and never use it again.

            sorry for asking you how your software worked because support into cdma phones is basically nill. you should take a trip to the states to figure it out if you plan on selling your software and not giving anyone support for it, or make a disclaimer saying that it doesn't work with MOST cdma phones. it says on your site, ****face, that the v7xx is supported, and i assume, ****face, that the v710 would fall into that category.


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              Or... I put you on my ignore list again...

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                and that does what for customer support for your product?


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                  For all others, not on my ignore list:

                  I'm sure willing to help you out with your problems but I need support from you, since I don't have all the phones you're requesting.
                  Basically, yes CDMA phones suck... as often enough explained in the CDMA thread (which some genius obviously was unable to read). If you want to know why it is the way it is, go there and read.

                  If you want me to help you figuring out what the problem is, you have to have be a bit more knowledge than only to know how to switch on the computer or which button to press when the phone is ringing.
                  You need to know how to deal with HyperTerminal and how to connect to your phone to send commands.
                  If you don't have this knowlegde, it's ok. Not everyone needs to be a computer scientist... but please, don't bug me and call me ****face just because your lack of knowledge!

                  One more thing: The release of 1.4 is pending. When it's released, you have 30 days to test your phones compatibility with PhoCo. If it's not working, don't buy it hoping that I'll get my magic wand and make it working with a spell.

                  Nuff said.
                  Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!