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BT connectivity to Carpc and Headset

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  • BT connectivity to Carpc and Headset

    I just got an EZ Talker Mini headset and in my initial hookup experiences with it, it seems that it's fighting with my pc connection. Basic BT question is can I have two "active" devices at the same time on the phone? It would seem like it's doable from the discussions I read but I'm wondering how this works. If I go into my Nokia 6230 paired devices and select the pc it asks me if I want to disconnect from the headset and vice-versa. If the headset is the active connection, how does phoco work with the phone?

    I envision this all eventually working like this: I get into the car and start phoco. An incoming call causes phoco to display caller id and I accept the call there (implies connection from phone to pc). Then if I have the pc selected as the active device in the phone, the mic/speakers in the car take the call, if I have the headset selected as the active device, it handles the mic/speaker role. Is this dreaming or is this scenario possible?
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    you are dreaming, all the phones i know of can only hold 1 bluetooth connection at a time
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      Nope. But I won't explain it again ... I did so many times ... go
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