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Can't get past ResString not Found...

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  • Can't get past ResString not Found...

    I am trying to get phoco to work with my phone, yes I know its a CDMA phone. However its another LG so I figured if the vx4500 would work the vx7000 might end up working... Everytime I use the test I get ResString Not Found. I followed chapter 10 and was able to connect using hypertermal and was even able to send a few other at commands successfully (like battery level). I also tried messing around with some of the other settings you suggested on this form like setting Handshake to hardware. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I would figure that phoco would be able to get farther then ResString not Found even though its a CDMA phone...
    Any suggestions? Thanks.
    Hardware: VIA Epia MS 12000, 512 DDR, 60GB HD, 7" Xenarc, GM-210, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Xtreme
    Software: Centrafuse2,, nLite, TopoUSA 5.0, iGuidance, Girder, Winc