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  • BT and USB

    I'm about to buy a phone (S55)to use wtih Phone Control and make the phone a permanent install in my car.

    Can a phone work with PhoCo via USB (or does it need serial) and still use a BT headset via the phones BT?

    This will save having a BT dongle on my car PC.

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    It works via USB as well because you'll install a driver that acts like a virtuall COM port.

    Take care that you get the original Siemens cable others may not work properly.
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      Thanks Zorro, so does that mean I don't need BT on my PC at all and can use my BT headset?

      That's great if it does.

      I want to 'hardwire' my phone into the car.


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        No, you don't need BT on your PC if you do it with a cable connection.

        So, if you used your BT Headset with your phone before, you still will be able to.
        Be aware that you have to press the button on your headset to connect it. There's no autoconnect feature.
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          Thank you!

          Once I overcome the errors (.Net) by reformatting, I'm registering!

          Thanks again.