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Testing without network coverage

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  • Testing without network coverage

    I've finally got my hands on a compatible phone (Seimens S55) and want to contiuue testing out PhoCo.

    My problem is that where I live I don't have any network coverage. It's a 4 mile drive and my PC isn't mobile yet.

    I'm communicating with the phone OK but the splash screen is permanently showing and it's over the top of the PhoCo window. The splash screen is saying reseting phone and sometimes it is checking operator.

    I guess this is why the SMS window doesn't open fully. I can see the top of it at the bottom of the screen and the buttons are writing in German.

    Is there a way around this? Can I make it think it has coverage?

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    If you don't have a network, it's not predictable how the phone reacts. Basically it should be working, but there's no guarantee for that. Beside, what do you wanna test?
    Most of the essential functions you won't be able to test except maybe reading the phonebook...
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      Thanks Zorro,

      I can read (1) phonebook entry but the screens don't seem to be writing themselves correctly. I guess this is, like you say, unpredictable without coverage.

      Is there any way around this as I'd like to check it out fully before registering. I'm not yet in a position to take it mobile. Just seeing all of the screens, writing SMS and playing with the phonebook would be great.



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        You have to make your own phonebook. Here's a how to:
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