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I can't hang the call

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  • I can't hang the call

    I have a Nokia N-gage, and i tried phoco, but i have many problems with it...

    Really works, i can make a call, but when i start it, the system goes slow; and if i use it to make a call, the red icon to hang connection goes white at 10-20 seconds, and i must hang it from the ngage.

    Is there any thing i can do?

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    Nope, this is some but in the PC-Suite/mRouter which shuts down the BT driver from time to time.
    Install the latest version of the PC-Suite and try mRouter Beta 3.

    If you don't have Widcomm 3/4 yet, install this as well.
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      Yes i have the last version of pc-suite, and widcomm 4...
      The mroute i have is that comes with pc-suite, but the BT icon on the bar is on green every time, when i connect com port; and mrouter is connected... and if i want i can connect or disconnect at avery time.

      When red hang icon goes to white, i have still green on bluetooth, and handset are working, i can listen the call on speakers.

      I am using modem bt port with phonecontrol, i suppose is the correct one, because i can call from phoco.


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        Try to set your Hangup setting to either H, H0 or +CHUP
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