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What's YOUR Phoco Setup?

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  • What's YOUR Phoco Setup?

    Hey, I'm curious how everyone else is using phoco for their day-to-day calling.

    - Which front end are you using?
    - Are you using bluetooth?
    - Do you have a bluetooth headset?
    - Are you using your computer as a headset?
    - How do you have your setup configured? - ie. how is the phone configured to work with phoco?
    - Which phoco features do you use?
    - Anything else you might find interesting for others to know?
    Asus Pundit Barebones PC
    7" Lilliput LCD
    P4 2.8ghz 512mb 120gb
    Windows XP Pro, VOICES
    Sony Xplode 10in Sub, Rockford 600w amp
    Pioneer 6x9's and 4x6's, Kenwood 4ch amp
    Black Widow Alarm with Pager