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PhoneControl sucks.

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  • PhoneControl sucks.

    I don't care what u guys say or do to me, but this PhoneControl Sucks big time..

    Downloaded over 16 time.
    Installed windows 2 times ( fresh install)

    BUT STILL DOESN'T WORK error after error after error.

    is there's another control
    HOnda Accord '94

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    you should consider editing your post. maybe a little less of "this sucks" and a little more of "please help".
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      Maybe you have incompatible hardware
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        Seems pretty hit or miss to me. I couldn't get it working well with my phone even though someone else with the same phone could. I gave up on it and won't be purchasing.
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          Hey bigmind ever consider maybe its you that sucks? Sucks big donkey dick lol
          i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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            You can't say that!

            I too never got it working to my satisfaction. That being that it worked as a fully fledged handsfree kit. It never was able to open up the necessary connections automatically, and wouldn't always keep them open once connected. It would either be able to control the phone, or handle voice, but never the two together. I did loads, and found quite a few struggling with the same problem, plenty of people got it working with my phone (SE K700i) but in my experience it was unreliable and used loads of memory up. Its easy to blame hardware configs and all but thats PC's in general. I have posted a few times trying to get my issues sorted but found no solution, even using other ppl's config's.

            I might try again some time in the future but not with this hardware, and not with this phone.

            I wouldn't say it sucks! Thats a direct insult - (EDIT) to all Zorro's hard work. What I would say is it doesn't suit my needs
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              I don't mean to insult anyone

              Listen guys i didn't mean or want to insult no One
              i really appreciate Zorro's hard work. but i really couldn't get it to work at all.
              HOnda Accord '94


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                Hi there

                this is definetily not the posts i like to see.
                Zorro does not force you to buy this app and if our free help is not appreciated you should consider to write your own tool.
                This leads to nothing, so i am going to close this thread.