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  • Looking for a new phone...

    Hi everyone.

    Currently I own a Siemens S65 and I am getting fed up with it since the software is unstable and it doesn't really work well with PhoCo, which is totally Siemens' fault and not Zorro's.

    So I decided that I want to get a new phone which I want to work 100% with PhoCo. Especially downloading the Adress Book and using the PC's mic/speakers should be working very well.

    What I am asking is if anyone can suggest a phone to me which is up to date (Color Display, Cam, Tri(Quad)-Band)? If you have a recent phone and you got it working with PhoCo please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for you answers
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    only phones that are 100% compatible with phoco are SONY phones
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