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  • Connect/disconnect programming

    Hi All,

    My T610 and Phoco connects using bluetooth. I have modified the Phoco config to auto disconnect after dialling so that I can talk using the headset.

    Trouble is after disconnect, I had to physically use the joystick on the phone to transfer the call to my headset.

    Secondly after I hang up and close my headset, my carpc & phone unpair itself and won't pair up again even if I input the correct PIN.

    So is there anyway to program the connect/disconnect button on Phoco to do this:

    1) Upon connect/dial icon pressed, phoco sends a signal to T610 to connect to the headset and drop the serial connection

    2) Upon disconnect/hang up icon pressed, phoco forces a serial port reconnect immediately

    Unless you guys got an easier and better way to do this. Help this newbie please...


    Pug 406, 3.0 V6, NOS, RoadRunner CarPC

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    your phone shouldnt be doing that. I have the same phone, and when phoco disconnects, i push the button on my headset and it connects to my phone and I talk. When im done with the call, the hedset drops the connection and PhoCo pics it back up automaticly

    If you are having pairing issues, im not sure whats going on with your set up.
    what bt dongle do you have and what headset are you using?
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