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Sound card problems when using bluetooth

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  • Sound card problems when using bluetooth

    Not sure if this is PhoCo that is the problem, or my bluetooth adapter/software. But maybe someone can help?
    I have an ABIT VA-20 motherboard with inbuilt 5.1 sound. I have the front speakers running through standard speaker jack, and line-in is set to run rear speakers.
    This all works great, sound spot on. I have set PhoCo to turn the volume up to 50% on calls and pause FrodoPlayer, which it does. However when it does it, the souund goes from the rear speakers. Then when the call is finished, the music comes back on and normal sound level is resumed, but only from the front speakers, nothing from rear.
    I have checked all sound settings when this happens to see if the rear output is muted or anything, but no luck.
    Has anyone had this before? Can anyone help?