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PhoneControl help - what it actually does

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  • PhoneControl help - what it actually does

    please dont flame me for asking, but i have searched but might have used wrong keywords to find my answers.

    I am looking at getting phonecontrol for my carPC setup. I have a usb bluetooth adapter and a sony k750i mobile phone.

    What does the software actually do? I know it links phone to pc, but what does this enable me, the user, to do? I gather it mutes/lowers volume of music when phone rings/during a call, and the call can be heard through the car audio system, but what happens about microphone? Do I just use the mobile phone mic, or do i need to get a mic plugged into the pc?

    Even if your replies/answers are just links to relevant threads, it would be great - i just cannot seem to find the answer. Have searched on phonco's website but didnt really help.

    many thanks all.

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    I seriouslu doubt that you have searched at all...

    But if you have:
    My carputer

    Old one


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      suprisingly I did search, and suprisingly i found that page too. However, it DIDNT answer my question.
      I asked if you had to have a microphone plugged into the pc, or if it used the mic on the mobile phone???


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        by this i assume it needs a pc mic, but it does not state this in the requirements of the manual.
        I dont want to have to buy a mic and run more cables for it - i didnt know if you could use the mic on the handset (phone) at all.


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          It uses a PC mic so run a cable for it.
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            ok thanks - but maybe this should be added to the requirements list? As without it or a bluetooth headset you cant use it properly?
            Or am i getting the wrong idea?


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              You can use it in different ways. To use a mic You can then set a variables either, OnCall or OnStartup which can connect your headset at the start of a call or on the startup of the program. Or leave variables alltogethter and just pick up the phone as you would normally!


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                could you possibly explain a bit more?

                Basically I want to get rid of the earpiece bluetooth headset as it is annoying, and i dont think its much good.

                I was hoping to be able to use the carPC to purely amplify the speaker of the phone - so I can hear the caller/other person louder. The microphone inside my mobile is quite good and can pick my voice up from a fair distance, and so dont really see the need of installing another mic in the dash. However, if when linked to the pc via bluetooth this is not possible, then i will have to use pc microphone instead.
                Hope this makes sense.


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                  ok - so what microphones do people recommend? All i can find is clip on mics that look a bit naff, or gooseneck mic's.
                  Need good quality into mic socket on mobo.


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                    i also had a question about this function. so can you just leave your phone connected via bluetooth, and use your carpc's speaker and mic to serve as the headset?
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                      that IS correct - the whole point of the software (AFAIK)
                      You need to have a compatible phone tho, which seems to be mainly SE's.