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  • t610-phonecontrol-widcomm

    Finally i found a guy for translation help!
    I wold ask you pleasure:
    Iíve an ericsson t610 mobile phone and bluetooth key usb (delock is brand).
    I have installed widcomm drivers downloaded for this forum :

    Official Release
    Official Release [mirror 1] <<<< Thanks to supersonic
    Official Release [mirror 2] <<<< Thanks to audio spirit

    I use phonecontrol program (version 1.4.6 trial)
    When i call a friend usin this program, i can hear his voice from pc speaker, and i speak using pc microphone. So in this situation all is working.
    The problem is when i receive a calling from my friend: i speak using pc microphone, but on pc speaker i hear my voice, not my friendís voice!
    To listen my friendís voice, i only have change if i use mobile phone.
    I want to control all incoming callingsusing my pc only!
    How can i solve this problem? What can you suggest?
    Trusting in you!!! Thks and waiting for you reply! Ciao!

    My PhoneCtl.Config.xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <PhoneControl>
    - <!--
    ===== Section which defines the primary settings for Communication, Design and Languange =====
    <UseKeyMap id="1" locked="False">KeyMaps\Keypad.KeyMap.xml</UseKeyMap>
    - <!--
    ===== Section containing the communication settings for different devices =====
    - <Communication id="SonyEricsson">
    <PhoneBookLocation id="1" timeout="90" name="Tel" static="True" startup="True" shortcut="True">ME</PhoneBookLocation>
    <PhoneBookLocation id="2" timeout="90" name="SIM" static="True" shortcut="True">SM</PhoneBookLocation>
    <PhoneBookLocation id="3" timeout="30" name="RC" static="False" shortcut="True" sorted="False" showDate="True">RC</PhoneBookLocation>
    <PhoneBookLocation id="4" timeout="30" name="DC" static="False" shortcut="True" sorted="False" showDate="True">DC</PhoneBookLocation>
    <PhoneBookLocation id="5" timeout="30" name="MC" static="False" shortcut="True" sorted="False" showDate="True">MC</PhoneBookLocation>
    - <!--
    ===== Use this as replacement if you'd like to have Outlook contacts as a phonebook
    - <!--
    PhoneBookLocation id="2" timeout="90" name="Contacts" static="True" shortcut="True" folderPath="Personal Folders\Contacts" encoding="8859-1">OUTLOOK</PhoneBookLocation
    <UseCNMI mode="2,1">True</UseCNMI>
    <AdditionalInit />
    - <!--
    ===== Use this as replacement if you'd like to have the Remote Key option
    - <!--
    <AdditionalDeinit />
    - <Keys>
    <Key id="Key_0">0</Key>
    <Key id="Key_1">1</Key>
    <Key id="Key_2">2</Key>
    <Key id="Key_3">3</Key>
    <Key id="Key_4">4</Key>
    <Key id="Key_5">5</Key>
    <Key id="Key_6">6</Key>
    <Key id="Key_7">7</Key>
    <Key id="Key_8">8</Key>
    <Key id="Key_9">9</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Star">*</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Hash">#</Key>
    <Key id="Key_VolUp">u</Key>
    <Key id="Key_VolDown">d</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Up">^</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Down">v</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Left"><</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Right">></Key>
    <Key id="Key_Enter">:J</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Back">:R</Key>
    <Key id="Key_Clear">c</Key>
    <Key id="Key_FK1">[</Key>
    <Key id="Key_FK2">]</Key>
    <Key id="Key_FK3">:O</Key>
    <Key id="Key_FK4">:C</Key>
    - <!--
    ===== Section containing the main settings =====
    - <MainWindow>
    <WindowToSwitchTo />
    <MediaPlayer host="" port="7500">WMPlayer</MediaPlayer>
    <MainVolumeOnCall restoreVolume="True">20</MainVolumeOnCall>
    <UseOSK executable="osk.exe">True</UseOSK>
    <Ringtone />
    <SMStone />
    <PopupOnHide opacity="80" backColor="Black">True</PopupOnHide>
    <Tooltip position="0,0" size="0,30" opacity="80" backColor="Goldenrod" textColor="White" selectColor="Royalblue">True</Tooltip>
    - <!--
    ===== Section containing the remote settings =====
    - <RemoteControl>
    - <!--
    ===== Section with text used within the application =====

    - <Texts id="Italiano">
    <Text id="LoadingMsg">Rubrica in caricamento..</Text>
    <Text id="CallFrom">Chiamata da</Text>
    <Text id="SMSSendOK">il tuo SMS Ť stato inviato!</Text>
    <Text id="SMSSendError">Errore durante l'invio SMS!</Text>
    <Text id="SMSFrom">SMS da</Text>
    <Text id="SMS">SMS</Text>
    <Text id="OKText">OK</Text>
    <Text id="CancelText">Cancella</Text>
    <Text id="DialManual">Componi</Text>
    <Text id="Dialing">chiamata al n:</Text>
    <Text id="CaptionMobile">Cell</Text>
    <Text id="CaptionWork">Lavoro</Text>
    <Text id="CaptionHome">Casa</Text>
    <Text id="CaptionFax">Fax</Text>
    <Text id="CaptionOther">Altro</Text>
    <Text id="Unknown">Sconosciuto</Text>
    <Text id="Config">impostazioni:</Text>
    <Text id="Vendor">Marca:</Text>
    <Text id="PortNo">porta:</Text>
    <Text id="Language">Lingua:</Text>
    <Text id="KeysLocked">Remoting is locked!</Text>
    <Text id="KeysUnlocked">Remoting is enabled!</Text>
    <Text id="Design">Design:</Text>

  • #2
    otherwise you can suggest me some old posts on this forum
    where this specific problem was treated.
    i tried to find it, but seen that my english is poor, i was not able.
    pls help me!
    thanks so much!