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CSR Bluetooth Dongle - help please

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  • CSR Bluetooth Dongle - help please

    hi guys

    its probably a basic question but I HAVE SEARCHED but drawn a blank-

    I have a bluetooth dongle - when i plug it into my pc it installs the generic xp sp2 drivers and it works fine. Phonecontrol is also able to send receive to the phone, but as I dont have widcomm drivers there is no audio either way to/from the pc.

    Now, if i install the drivers that come with the dongle it loads it up as a CSR Bluetooth dongle, which i believe is right and should work with widcomm ok.

    However, the drivers/sw that come with the dongle install and run - it has a program listing what options are available with the device - and headset function is not one of them. I have checked the options and enabled the headset feature if available)

    If i install widcomm, it doesnt find the bluetooth device either.

    Does this mean my bluetooth dongle isnt supported by widcomm? I thought that CSR was widcomm compatible......

    Again, if you have any links to threads or info on this it would be great.

    The device i have is this one:


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    i have a white CSR actually sold and rebranded by "cables unlmiited". I lost my cd and just use the driver that comes with the newest widcomm, this is what works for me.
    PC Components:
    Lilliput; XPC/FLEX mobo; 1.7 ghz P4 Mobile;512 DDR; 160 gb HDD; opus 150; slot usb dvd-rw
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      so how did u install widcomm? I install it - and 1/2 way through it says bluetooth device not installed press ok/cancel etc.....
      I have read the instructions with widcomm 4 (.2101) and it says to put it in and wait for it to install, but it still doesnt recognise it.... i dont know whether to use earlier widcomm drivers (v3) or something?

      the bluetooth dongle is small blue and about 5cm long.... says csr..... which is why i bought it really :S


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        ok got widcomm working now which is excellent.
        However, cannot get audio routed - but researching into that as we speak.
        looks like editing xml files, but not sure where/how.


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          people maybe someone can help:

          I have paired k750i from phone to pc, and gone to services and apparently pc services available is only object push. Audio gateway and serial are connected, secure connection with pop-ups. I accept the call but still cannot hear anything...

          I have seen the thread about editing xml files, has anyone got any further advice?


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            ...what kinda phone do you have?
            PC Components:
            Lilliput; XPC/FLEX mobo; 1.7 ghz P4 Mobile;512 DDR; 160 gb HDD; opus 150; slot usb dvd-rw
            My work log


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              Originally posted by Pabs
              I have paired k750i from phone to pc....
              a SE k750i as above......


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                ok - the problems i am having are all related i think:

                I cannot get my phone to find my PC as a headset.

                Why is this? I will edit the xml with the appropriate <btmanger....> lines later but dont think this is the issue here....
                please help if possible!