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    While there is a combatibility list on PhoCos doesnt list the true combatibility of all the a lot of phones not listed. I think it would be cool to have everybody using PhoCo list there results with there particular phone...and have a format for it kinda like the "Show Off" forum. For example:

    Phone: Sanyo 5500
    Connnection: (Bluetooth, USB cable, etc.)

    Place Call: NO
    Recieve Call: NO
    Call History: (IC if you have incoming, MC if you have missed, DC if you have dialed)
    Contacts: NO

    Send SMS: NO
    Recieve SMS: NO
    SMS History: (IM if you have incoming, OM if you have outgoing)

    Also post if you had to do anything extra to get the support you have for your phone, IE for some Nokia phones converting the phone book. I think this would help alot of people out that use PhoCo and also people looking at what phones have the best support.
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