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  • problem connecting

    sorry but i cannot even get phonecontrol to see my phone 6230i in the test page, works ok in pc suite

    spent 2 days looking and still no idea, or have i completley missed something

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    device manager and bluetooth devices show the bt serial on comm 5 and when i run phone test it says error, so i try and run the exe and it just keeps running the wizard so it tells me my phone is on comm 10 so i alter in the extended cofigurator to comm 5 and run exe again and the setup wizard puts it back to comm 10


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      when i run phone test on comm 5 it connects then looses it straight away, pc suite talks to it ok, should i move comm port and try again or is it something else


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        sorted now, got a new dongle a Belkin one and works a treat nearly, on the serial connection in my bluetooth places it say it will connect auto is this normal, and everytime i click on phonecontrol it runs the wizard, and yes i have made a new shortcut to the file and still the wizard. When the wizard has done it all seems to work nearly ok a few small bits i can tidy up after but just need to tidy the above up first

        Come on please then i can go play happily