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T68i working better than my 6230b, sorta..

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  • T68i working better than my 6230b, sorta..

    After much frustration trying to get my Nokia 6230b to work with this app (including upgrading the firmware), I decided to try my trusty old SE T68i. PhoCo really seems to like this phone better, pulling up the phone book (although I cannot select an entry and dial from it, that may be the SIM vs. phone known issue), making repeated calls, etc.

    HOWEVER, my problem is that whether or not configured for OnCall or OnStart, the headset functionality of hearing audio via my car speakers and using its mic is not working (unlike with the 6230b where it would work for 1 call and then timeout for 90-120 seconds while it reinited the port). The odd thing is I get the headset icon initially, but when I click on PhoCo to send, the phone says "Network Problem" and the headset icon disappears from the screen of PhoCo (and the phone). The phone connects the call just fine, but it isn't in the "headset". In fact, I can still press the "end" button on PhoCo and end the call, so I suspect that means it didn't hand off to the headset capability of the PC properly, right? (because as old as this SE is, it has to be a single connection phone methinks).

    Any suggestions?