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6230 - Have to use VCards, old version did not

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  • 6230 - Have to use VCards, old version did not

    I've not used Phone Control for about 4 months, I had it installed played with it for a few days then my hard drive died, followed by my car engine.

    Anyway, with the old version, I installed it, told it how to find my 6230 and it just worked, filled in the address book and everything. In the current version, I have to run this VCard converter which would be ok apart from the fact that if I browse my contacts folder with OBEX, the folder is completely empty!

    How can I enable the old behaviour for this phone?

    Edit: I have firmware 5.34 I know people are having trouble with earlier versions, but people seem to have fixed it with 5.24, so mine should be fine, right?

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    I have Nokia 6230 with v5.50. I can not read my phonebook.

    The BT dosnt work correct. But i think i messed up my BT install.


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      Well mine suddenly started working one day, no idea why.

      And then a day later my car got hit, so I've been unable to do any further testing as I don't get it back from the garage until next week (and I imagine my free trial period will be up by then)


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        My 6230 was strange as well. At first, I had to convert a CSV file. then my phonebook would read. Ultimately, I could never get the Bluetooth to work properly with the audiogateway people not being able to hear me. SO I got a Sony Ericsson Z520A and I am happy as hell now.
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        Originally posted by ryuandwings
        Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
        I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
        Please help.


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          Unfortunately the 6230 is my work phone, so I don't have much choice in the matter.