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phoco and siemens sx1

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  • phoco and siemens sx1

    Trying to get my sx1 to connect to, but so far I have no luck, what so ever! I'm using bluetooth

    As it is stated as working on the website, I think that there must be some problems in my install..

    The first problems start with the wizard, if I try to scan for my mobile it is found, but it can not use the SPP that the phone has. So the scanning fails. I then try to install it manualy, choosing the bluetooth serialports, installing the symbianOS drivers, but still I can not use my mobile.

    I have installed mRouter, and it is working ok. Is the SymbianOS driver expecting to communicate via mRouter?

    I have searched high and low, but still I can not find any hints to what is wrong..

    Anyone that could give a pointer?