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timeouts and bluetooth audio randomness

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  • timeouts and bluetooth audio randomness

    I have come so close to getting phoco to work with my Motorola v505 I can begin to taste the success. Based on testing with hyperterminal, the remaining glitches seem to be caused by phoco so I'm hoping we can resolve them here. I am including phoco logs for reference.

    The two problems I'm having are extended timeout delays when reconnecting the command interface after a call, and my bluetooth audio connection only being made for one call and no longer connecting until I restart phoco.

    Now one thing I noticed in this log file is that phoco continues to try to reconnect the command interface even while bluetooth is being used for audio. Is phoco not 'aware' that it will fail until the audio is disconnected? Wouldn't it be more efficient to have phoco intellegently wait for the user to click the headset to disconnect the audio before trying to reconnect the command interface? That way you wouldn't have to wait for the timeout to kick in to force the reconnection. --OR-- is this a configuration thing? Is there a setting I need to set so that phoco is 'aware' of the fact that it must wait for the audio to disconnect before connecting the command interface? The number one thing that makes phoco feel "glitchy" to me is that it takes such long and random times to reconnect the command interface after finishing a call or otherwise resetting it. Would it be possible to revamp the timeout and reconnect functions? It would totally be worth it, I think. I see no reason why phoco couldn't be reconnecting within 3-5 seconds. It would feel so much more professional.

    As for the bluetooth audio connection, I am extremely confused. Listen carefully, because it sounds stupid, but I have tested and tested and tested and this is what I found. When I run the setup wizard and then it runs phoco automatically after finishing, bluetooth audio seems to work normally. I can make call after call and receive call after call and the audio connection connects and disconnects properly for each call. BUT after closing and restarting phoco AND MAKING NO OTHER CHANGES WHATSOEVER, it will no longer connect the audio for anything more than a single call. Sometimes it doesn't even work for one call. It seems rather random. After working for the first call, it will normally disconnect the command interface but then will not connect the audio connection. Sometimes it doesn't even disconnect the command interface. And very very rarely it will actually disconnect the command interface and connect the audio connection properly like it did for the first call. There seems to be no pattern. The only way to get it to work consistently again is to run the setup wizard again. It makes no changes to the configuration, yet sure enough when it finishes and runs phoco, audio works properly for every call until I either close and restart phoco or put my computer in standby and turn it back on. In either case, we're back to audio only working for the first call after restarting phoco.

    Now, I'm still on trial, but it runs out in just a few days. I would really like to make 100% sure that phoco is going to work well for me before purchasing it, but I'm afraid my trial may run out before then. Quick help would be extremely appreciated, but if it comes down to it, I imagine it's so close to working that I could just go ahead and purchase it. Still... I don't want to if I can avoid it.

    The first log is just after running the wizard. As far as I can tell, it is working normally except it is taking a long time to reconnect the phone after a call finishes.

    The second log is after closing and rerunning phoco. Strangely enough it seemed to work properly at first - even for several calls. I expected it to only work once. (see... it's very random) Notice that after a computer standby and resume, it did stop working properly. Everything works except the audio connection. It stopped connecting it and it stayed that way until I stopped and reran phoco.

    The third log is after restarting phoco again. As expected, the audio connection was made once, then never again for every call after the first.

    Note that I have made no configuration changes between logs here. No rebooting the computer. No messing with the phone. No messing with bluetooth stuff. Nothing but stopping and rerunning phoco.
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    My trial runs out today. I'm sure you're busy zorro, but if you can help, today is the day to do it. Or if you're pretty sure we can get it working, I could go ahead and purchase it so we have more time to work with it... if you're pretty sure.


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      The offical PhoCo forum is here.
      This here is a user-helping-user forum.
      Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!


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        To be honest, I spent a couple minutes looking for the 'new thread' button at that forum before posting this here. What gives?


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          Nevermind. It just occured to me that it probably doesn't appear until you register and log in.