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    Not sure if people are still using this forum ....

    I'm looking for a new phone and my question is what phone is the best I could buy for complete PhoCo compatability.

    I would prefer a bluetooth or cabled type connection.
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    Fair enough then
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      I'm guessing you didn't search? Phoco has a list on their site of known supported phones...

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        Guess What ... I did search

        And that list on PhoCo which I looked at before I asked the question, seems to be missing any of the more recent phones indicating to me that perhaps it hasn't been updated in a while?
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          i have a SE w800 which connects really well with phoco. but any phone which works with phoco should work the same as any other phone that works with phoco so it shouldnt really matter which phone you get so long as it works with phoco if that makes any sense?
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