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PhoCo 1.6b + MDA Vario/Qtek 9100

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  • PhoCo 1.6b + MDA Vario/Qtek 9100

    Hey all,

    Everyone doing ok? Are there any users here that have a working setup with PhoCo 1.6b and a (T-Mobile) MDA Vario or a Qtek 9100. I just bought my PhoCo license but haven`t got it to work yet. For some reason when i try to connect with the PhoneControl COM8 port that was automatically setup, it doesn`t accept the Passkey that was set during the Wizard.

    After some other work i notice that the PhocoAdapter is starting now like it should (i think). I couldn`t get it to work with the "Copy Drivers" option during the Wizard. But on every phone reset it now starts.

    If anyone has some info on how they got their setup working please help me out. Here is some more info:

    - Widcomm 4.....700 software
    - 1GHz Via C3 Car PC/256MB
    - XP Home SP2

    Thanks in advance everyone.
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    bump for same problem
    screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"


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      nobody used this program or something?
      screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"


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        I have been trying to get my tmobile mda to work with usb and bluetooth for a month now and I also have not been able to get it to work at all.. I've also never gotten the ''copy files'' process to work either.. but the phoco plugin does show up on my phone... hopefuly we can get this working soon.


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          i have the same setup, and i had it to work, but after all the problems to get the phone to communicate with phoco, the audio getway is not working, i can use it if i do it mannualy, but the problem is the phone, like zorro said in his website.some people were able to make it work. look at in the forums.the answares for everything is there.
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            screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"