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moto e815.. some progress but more questions!

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  • moto e815.. some progress but more questions!

    I have the 1.6beta running with my e815 (2742 seem edit, original firmware). Its definitely a step up from 1.45 but there's just a little more ways to go IMHO. Some things that i need answered:

    - Can this phone not make calls thru phoco when the flip is closed? I can receive them but not make them.
    - SMS sending doesnt seem to work for me. I hit ok in phoco and it goes back to the normal screen, then i check my phone and the messages are in the outbox with the status "sending in progress". They dont ever send til i hit the resend button. Anyone else have this issue?
    - Anyone receiving SMS thru phoco? Ive read that it still needs work but i was wondering if there was any progress.

    I'm so ready to buy this software as it has come along nicely for the e815. Just wanna make sure we're still chuggin forward! Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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