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Moto SLVR + phoco / BT or Cable

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  • Moto SLVR + phoco / BT or Cable

    Hi guys,

    I did a bit of searching before postings this so don't bite my head off straight away with the "Search" emos :-)

    Having issues with a Moto SLVR (also known as an L7) getting Windows com layer to give the BT dongle a low enough serial port for phoco to accept. Phoco doesnt allow any com port over COM16 for BT connections.

    Is there any configuration software I can grab to clean up the way Windows is handling the com ports on this computer? I read something about WIDCOMM BT drivers being more configurable than the default Microsoft BT drivers. Using a Bluetake BT dongle is it possible to download these WIDCOMM drivers from somewhere?

    The comm ports have gotten that high in number because Im constantly changing the usb port the BT dongle is plugged into due to the way I sit this laptop in my car, connecting to a BT GPS mouse.

    Besides the connection issue, I dont think the SLVR (L7) has a profile supported by phoco (the closest might be the RAZR V3) in the distribution thats packaged with Centrafuse 1.6b. Having not been that far with phoco yet Im not sure if that will be another problem once I sort out this BT driver issue.

    Any advice/chime ins of interest appreciated :-)