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updated config for e815 (MOSTLY everything works!!!!)

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  • updated config for e815 (MOSTLY everything works!!!!)

    been working on this pretty hard for the last week or so and i'm VERY happy with the result! Users of the e815 (and possibly v710) should use this config:

    <Communication id="Motorola V710">
          <PhoneBookLocation id="1" timeout="90" name="Tel" static="True" startup="True"
          <PhoneBookLocation id="2" timeout="30" name="RC" static="False"
    shortcut="True" sorted="True">RC</PhoneBookLocation>
          <PhoneBookLocation id="3" timeout="30" name="DC" static="False"
    shortcut="True" sorted="True">DC</PhoneBookLocation>
          <UseCNMI mode="3,1">True</UseCNMI>
          <Keypad quote="True" terminate="False">-MVTS</Keypad>
          <SMSTextmode toda="True" number="1" name="0" date="0"
          <ReadAllSMS command="+MMGL" category="ALL">True</ReadAllSMS>
            <Key id="Key_0">0</Key>
            <Key id="Key_1">1</Key>
            <Key id="Key_2">2</Key>
            <Key id="Key_3">3</Key>
            <Key id="Key_4">4</Key>
            <Key id="Key_5">5</Key>
            <Key id="Key_6">6</Key>
            <Key id="Key_7">7</Key>
            <Key id="Key_8">8</Key>
            <Key id="Key_9">9</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Star">*</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Hash">#</Key>
            <Key id="Key_VolUp">U</Key>
            <Key id="Key_VolDown">D</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Up">:X</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Down">:C</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Left">:L</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Right">:R</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Enter">:J</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Back">E</Key>
            <Key id="Key_Clear">S</Key>
            <Key id="Key_FK1">[</Key>
            <Key id="Key_FK2">M</Key>
            <Key id="Key_FK3">]</Key>
            <Key id="Key_FK4">:T</Key>
          <UseBTManager device="YOURPHONENAME" controlHeadset="True" mode="OnCall"
    Tested working with this config:
    -audio gateway
    -all methods of placing calls (phonebook/manual dial)
    -receiving calls
    -SMS send
    -SMS receive including new SMS notification

    Not working:
    -signal quality check (dont care for it)
    -missed calls filed in received calls, nothing i can do about that

    If anyone wants to know if anything else works just let me know. Zorro you can update the compatibility list if needed. Works with phoco 1.7, latest build, widcomm 4.x and 5.x and many tested dongles. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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