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    Hi folks,

    I've been poking around in this sub-forum, and the forums, for a couple days. It seems like there's nothing but problems, complaints and pleas for help. Of course that's pretty normal for internet forums -- if something is working great, you don't tend to post much about it.

    But it leads me to a simple question: "Does the PhoneControl software "just work" for anyone?" Here's what I'd consider a flawless use case:
    1. You get in your car. Your (Bluetooth) phone stays on your belt or in your pocket. You don't even touch it.
    2. Your car computer starts up and runs PhoneControl. Maybe embedded in a front end, maybe not.
    3. You're able to make handsfree calls, using the the computer's mic and speakers, without touching your phone.
    4. When you receive a call, the music your computer was playing is muted/paused, the caller-ID shows up on your computer screen, and you have the option of taking the call. Again via the computer's "handsfree" interface.

    That's it. That's how I had imagined it would work, and that's what PhoneControl seems to promise. Do things ever actually work that way?

    If not, is there a program like PhoneControl that does work? If PhoneControl does actually work on occasion, then I have a couple more questions:

    It sounds as if your choice of phones is critical for success. I'm on Verizon. I don't currently have a Bluetooth phone, but I will be getting one. Do any of Verizon's phones work well with PhoneControl? Apparently, there are serious issues with Motorola phones, but I haven't been able to find much in the way of "success stories" about any of Verizon's phones. Yes, they show up on Zorro's "supported list", but do any of them actually work?

    I guess I'm just looking for a little encouragement. Reading about this program for the last few days has been fairly depressing. If someone could assure that yes, this can actually can work well, then I can at least continue my research without feeling like I'm wasting my time.