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My RAZR V3 works fine except....(weird problem, i've serched)

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  • My RAZR V3 works fine except....(weird problem, i've serched)

    I can make calls fine, receive them, etc. My only problem is I can't hang up from them...

    I am connecting with bluetooth, i have the following option set:

    <UseBTManager device="Razr" controlHeadset="True" mode="OnCall" disconnectOnCall="True" disconnectAfterCall="True">True</UseBTManager>

    Razr is the name of my phone on bluetooth. Now here comes the interesting part: I can have my phone realllly reallly far away and still be connected to my computer fine. I can hear everything crystal clear, etc. Now, when I press the end key OR the headset icon in PhoCO, immediately my phone says "Bluetooth signal too weak...switch to handset?" The only answer you can say is Yes, and the phone does not receive any commands from bluetooth afterwards.

    Do you think this is something weird with my dongle or whats the deal here? I have a Broadcom 2045 device which is also known as an IOGEAR GBU221-321 which I bought from Walmart. Thanks in advance for any help!
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...