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No phonebook from PPC6700?

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  • No phonebook from PPC6700?

    I just installed the latest trial version off the site and it'll tell me when I've got an incoming call, but does not download the phonebook / contacts from my phone.

    The phone is a utstarcom/audiovox ppc6700. I've got the connector installed on it but still nothing

    Any ideas on what I can do to get it working?

    On a side note, the standalone demo works fine, but it doesn't seem to integrate into RR, is the full version required?

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    Cant help you with the phone but you need the full version of phoco before it will integrate with RR. Its because of the trial splash screen.
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      I have gotten it to work with my 6700 but it is still very buggy. Read up on his forums and download the latest wizard and adapter to get it to work. Its tricky, but will work.

      I should note I got it to work using bluetooth and never tried using the cable.