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Tested phone control 1.7 on Samsung T809 and Siemens S65

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  • Tested phone control 1.7 on Samsung T809 and Siemens S65

    Hello All,
    just willing to share results on PhoneControl testing. This thread on Zoran's site

    General impression - program is nice looking, and Zorro quickly responds to support requests, however, it did not help me much unfortunately.

    Samsung T809 (D820)
    No sound, have to press buttons on phone to start and end conversation, no Missed, Incoming, Outgoing call lists.
    Zorro claims it is related to some proprietary AT protocol

    Seimens S65 (officially supported)
    - if you need to use computer as headset, you always need to press accept button on the phone. I guess it pretty much elminates handsfree concept, because you will end up pressing much more buttons than normally.
    Zorry also claimed there is workaround by sending keystrokes back to the phone, but it never worked for me.
    - phone book entries are not matched, you always get Unknown.
    Zorry promised to fix it in later new version.

    Please provide your feedback, am I doing anything right, and tips/tricks?
    How many people here actually had success with PhoneControl?
    Will contract for C++/Win-Linux/PIC jobs

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    Wooow, Zorro is qucik .. he posted a patch already. Retesiting .
    Will contract for C++/Win-Linux/PIC jobs