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Caller photo and battery status

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  • Caller photo and battery status

    I'm using PhoCo with Centrafuse and my Nokia 6021 with Bluetooth. It works great, except for 2 little thingy's:

    1. Caller's photo is not shown. I placed some photo's in the folder (can't remember the name of that folder, but it contains a file that says: place your photo's here). I name the photos as my contacts, and store them as a .JPG. None of the callers shows a picture...

    2. Is there any changeble value for my battery? When my phone battery is half empty, it shows the empty picture in PhoCo. Maybe if i can change a value, it's more accurate?

    Thanx for any help!
    AsRock AM2 dual VGA
    AMD Sempron 3000+
    512MB DDR
    3,5" 80GB harddrive
    Liliput 7"
    TFT 15"

    0% [OOOOOOOO-] 100%

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