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  • Nokia 6233

    I've got a Nokia 6233 that I can't get to form a stable Audo Gateway link to the PC, and hence won't work with phonecontrol.

    The connection will be very unreliable - generally dropping after only a few seconds. Usually within this time, only static is transmitted anyway. Very occasionally I'll get proper audio transmitted, but then it'll disconnect. I'm using Widcomm v5.0.1.2800 software and a Blekin USB dongle.

    The phone is using firmware version 4.52, which has now been superceeded twice, so I'm hoping that I can get it upgraded and then it'll work.

    My old Nokia 6230i works perfectly with the CarPC hardware and software - so I'm pretty sure the problems are phone based.

    Anybody else had any luck with this phone? What firmware and bluetooth software?

    I'll get it updated, and report back!


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    I tried to get the firmware updated just before Christmas - but the service centre only had the same version - not the one showing as the latest on the web. The silly sods didn't tell me it was the same version - they just over-wrote everything on the phone, so I lost all my settings for nothing.

    Progress so far:
    I've given up trying to get the phone to connect the audio gateway to the PC - even with the latest version of the Widcomm drivers, it was highly unreliable.

    However the phone will connect to two different bluetooth devices at the same time - so I plan to connect to the CarPC by serial connection for dialing, display caller details etc, and then also have a Nokia CK-1W bluetooth handsfree system in the car for the audio.
    This actually has the advantage that handsfree system has built in echo cancellation, so sounds MUCH clearer.

    I've got the following working within RR+Phoco:
    Reading phone phonebook - however I can only get the first number displayed in phoco (I believe this is limitiation of Nokia phones). I am going to try exporting the phonebook as CSV, and then import as a phoco file.

    Dialing numbers, and answering calls, hanging up properly at the end all work properly. However I can't get it to send tones (ie when my voicemail says "press 3 to delete") from the keypad during a call.

    I could display a list of SMS messages in the inbox, outbox etc - however the list in each box did not refresh very well, and the inbox did not display any newly arrived messages. I could send an SMS successfully.

    I've given up trying to get SMS to work - I don't think it's a facility I want in my CarPC anyway, so I'm not bothered that it doesn't work 100%.

    I hope this helps anybody else looking to get this phone working.



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      Vodka pete, interested in how u got ur sms working. i have the same phone but no sms working. everything else seems to work. can swap config files if you want pm me. I can read phone book and accept calls etc. all via bluetooth.
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        I never did get it working correctly, and I didn't do anything special to get it to do what little it did - just used the default 6234 profile.

        I could only read the 1st number from the phone book - some names have 2 or 3 numbers under them, but I could only see the first.