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  • Advise on Bluetooth Dongle


    i already got an Bluetooth USB Dongle but it runs with BlueSoleil drivers. So i can't get the headset profile to work.

    My phone is a SE T630.

    I would like to know if the following Broadcom donlges are supposed to fully work with Phoco:

    Wich one would you advise please?

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    I saw somewhere that Zorro mentioned a Belkin Bluetooth dongle model# F8T012. I got one on ebay for $25.00 US Dollars. It works great with my Motorola Razr V3M and Phonecontrol.



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      Thanks! i found one in eBay too.

      Before buying it,do you know if this dongle works with Broadcom drivers or IVT?


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        The drivers that came with it are broadcom. Not sure about IVT



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          Thanks, i just ordered one


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            I can use my carpc as headset now. It works great!

            Here is my setup:

            Sony Ericson K750i

            Belkin Bluetooth Dongle (model F8T012)

            Nokia HFM-8 Microphone

            2.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter

            Maybe it could be usefull to someone


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              How do you use the Belkin F8T012 dongle?
              - with the drivers which comes with the dongle??
              - with other drivers / updates downloaded from somewhere?

              I'm trying to use PhoneControl with a Anycom USB-250 and a Sony Ericsson K600i. The PhoneControl works fine with this phone in my laptop, that came with its own bluetooth hardware and software integrated, but with the Anycom dongle and the version of the driver installed on a Epia, the headset/audio gateway connection fail.

              Because of this, I'm looking for a different bluetooth dongle. If the Belkin F8T012 has a good behaviour, maybe it could be the one I'm looking for...

              Can anybody help me??

              Thanks in advance.


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                Hi, i'm using the Belkin F8T012 dongle with the Belkin driver that came with it.

                Once the phone is paired with the CarPc, it allows me to use the Audio Gateway Service and the Data service at the same time.


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                  Beside Belkin F8T012, does anybody has other dongles that uses Broadcom driver and works with PhoneControl?