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Striped off # signs and VoiceMail

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  • Striped off # signs and VoiceMail

    I don’t know if this has been reported already, this post is the only one that I could find about dialing into VoiceMail systems.
    In my phonebook for some VoiceMail I have stored 11234567890p0001#p0002#
    PhoneCtlLog is showing COM: <ATD11234567890P0001P0002

    If possible, please don’t strip off # signs, I need them for VoiceMail system to indicate end of entry for mailbox and password. Thanks

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    Will take care of tis in the release
    Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!


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      After seeing that in PhoneControl.NET 1.6 <DontFilterHash>True</DontFilterHash> does nothing, that is phone is not set for voice dial and tones are not being send, I opened up HyperTerminal and discover way around it:

      If you send “ATD>SM7;” phone will dial contact number stored in SIM card at index 7, including sending tones.
      For contact number stored in phone use “ATD>MEn;”, where n is index number. To find out at which index number is desired contact you can use +CPBR, like “AT+CPBR=1,4” which returns entries from index 1 to 4.

      Once you know index number, simply open up PhoneControl.NET phone book and for contact number enter “>SM7;” or >ME7; if this contact number is stored in phone book instead of in SIM.

      If you need to send additional tones to your VoiceMail system, just press Dial Manually button and use PhoneControl.NET keypad.

      Hope this helps someone because I struggled for year to have predefined tones being sent.